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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Which twist you want … in the TALE or in the TAIL?

Migration - which is nothing but mini adaptation with the new land, environment and life. After going through psychological ups and down one finally settles down. Being accepted as a good citizen in one’s new land is a profound psychological need for most migrants. These zeal and hunger shows effective migratory behaviour which is manifested by:

1. Keen alertness which comprised of power of observation of listening which can be called life sustaining process
2. Underlying competitive spirit
3. Thrifty lifestyle
4. More / increased alertness than locals which leads to better visual-spatial skill as an effective migrant moves outdoors quite a lot
5. Increased application of intelligence compared to locals
6. Development of a hidden spirit of competition to show to the locals that we can also do no less - possibly better (secretion of motivational brain chemical 'dopamine'). For this, the migrant mixes and gets integrated with the locals to study them
7. Use of mirror neurons of the brain to mimic the locals - mastering the local language, accents, dialects etc.
8. In some cases, show / display of wealth - buying up locals' properties and renovating them to enhance the value manifold
9. More brain activity to understand the new land enhances brain function. Coming out of comfort give them more risk taking ability
10. Adaptation, assimilation, assertiveness and seek for appreciation make them more flexible, less egoistic.

All migrants do that or behave unconsciously like that. But it has been proved by research that migrants who usually end up being average or unsuccessful are those who display the following attributes in their behaviour. These attributes are:

1. who always compare their lives they left behind with the new land
2. who after the risks of migration, refuse to bear hardships and search for comfort alone
3. The migrants, who stops getting creative; thinking of new things and dreaming of new adventures
4. who are only after material comforts; cars, houses etc.
5. who refuse to explore their true selves believing it is too risky due to the changed environment they are exposed to
6. who always search for their own community in the place they migrate to and stick to traditional beliefs. Thus, they always find ways NOT to open themselves to exploring new things
7. who always live life with a low sense of purpose and low self-esteem
8. who cannot think positively and live with an attitude of NO which leads to unsuccessful adaptation
9. who finds faults with everything present in their new surroundings
10. who are ungrateful, i.e, those who always depend on some resourceful individual in times of need and not return the favour
11. who can’t form and maintain meaningful relationships and live daunted by peer pressure
12. who are not generous and helpful, who are unable to find their true selves
13. who live in bad company, which often leads to demoralization.

We all want success, money, power, happiness it’s a never ending list. But in reality everyone looks at life differently, feels differently. We lead our lives differently and uniquely. We are always driven by fear factors which come mostly from three ways 1. From our past experiences, 2. Anxiety about future and 3. Peer pressure. As a result you may want to go for meditation retreat but end up in a strip club.

You decide which glow you want in your life. That’s why I said “Which twist you want … in the TALE or in the TAIL?

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