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Thursday, December 11, 2014

How F.A.T. are you?

I started my entrepreneurial journey with human resourcing (www.infonity.com.au). Initially I didn’t know what to say, how to pitch, where to go, how to introduce myself and my business to answer all the common questions like my value proposition, uniqueness, why me etc. But all I know I passionately want to do business with honesty and integrity. As I sincerely believe in “Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'what’s in it for me?’ - Brian Tracy”.

Heaps of different write ups about human resources you can find. Most of them focus on what need to be done. Let’s focus on something which is very core to ourselves. What is our physiognomy (is the assessment of a person's character or personality from his or her outer appearance) says about ourselves.

Our body, is composed of various systems and each system functions just like a team. Our nervous system's leader is the brain, under the command of which various other members of the central as well as peripheral nervous sub-systems work. In the organization same way human resources need to work as a team to get the optimum outcome. Individual can work in three sets of work activities. Let me explain you.

F – Type / People and Social Engagement (PSE) -

This set of activities comprises: speaking and listening; interacting with people through letters and e-mail; and so on. For these, it is the Communicative Apparatus that is, the larynx, pharynx, mouth cavity, tongue, windpipe, nasal passage, eyes and ears which is responsible. This set represents the People and Social Engagement (PSE) group. This is our F – Type where fatty tissues are predominant.

A – Type / Physical Engagement (PE) -

This set of activities, which we call Physical Engagement (PE) consists of: physical movement from one posture or gesture to another, locomotion—from one place to another on one plane, stair and slope ascending and descending, separate hand or leg movements or of any parts thereof. For this set, it is the Muscular- skeletal apparatus where the team members are the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and so on, has the predominant work performance responsibility. This is our A – Type where athleticism is predominant.

T – Type / Self-Engagement (SE) -

This set includes: thinking, planning, decision- making and problem-solving, innovation, imagination, creativity, reading, writing, drawing diagrams and making graphical re-presentations, etc. For this set of activities, the Cerebral Apparatus or the 'brain' plays the main role. Such work activities come under the Self-Engagement (SE) group. This is our T – Type where thin lean body is predominant.

William Sheldon (1898-1977) was an American psychologist who devoted his life to observing the variety of human bodies and temperaments. These basic elements he named endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph.

• Endomorph - F – Type / People and Social Engagement (PSE)
• Mesomorph - A – Type / Physical Engagement (PE)
• Ectomorph - T – Type / Self-Engagement (SE)

From the F.A.T. approach : F – Type                  
In trouble they seek out : people;                     
They prefer : physical comfort, let things take their course;
What bother them most : being cut off from other people;
When in a group they like to : mingle, tolerance and love of people;
From the F.A.T. approach : A – Type
In trouble they seek out : action;
They prefer : physical adventure, do things;
What bother them most : being closed off in small places;
When in a group they like to : take charge, love of power and leadership;

From the F.A.T. approach : T – Type
In trouble they seek out : solitude;
They prefer : privacy, observe what is going on
What bother them most : being exposed to endless noise
When in a group they like to : take off, a highly developed self-awareness

Human resources can be combination of all three activities. For example a man with 90 to 95 Kgs weight, nearly 6 feet height sharing 30% of each type where as a six pack muscular guy represent 65% - A, 25% - T and 10% - F type. Based on physiognomy if a human resource can choose his or her career, organizations if they can recruit the resources according to their core modus operandi to the right job both can reach optimum output.

So you decide - “how fat are you?

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