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Thursday, November 6, 2014

‘Dishwashing’ - your foundation of success

Last night I was talking to my friend David (he is West Indian born and brought up in France) who was my first housemate in Australia 13 years ago while we were doing masters in Griffith University Gold Coast. In last 13 years of we been through lots of ups and downs in our lives and we are keep moving with our heads high with a big smile in our faces. He finished Masters in Engineering / Industrial management and PhD in Combustion Engineering from Cranfield University and worked across the globe. From my end I finished Masters in IT, worked in different industries and started my own business last year in Australia now operating nationally. Next week we will be meeting after 12 years because David is now back in Australia.

David attended few events as newly arrived skilled migrants and one of them is Engineers Australia event on 6th November in Brisbane. We were discussing about the events and jokingly he mentioned “Man, so many dishwashers here. I was confused and thinking am I attending engineering networking event or dishwashing industry gathering?” We laughed at it and jokingly I said “Dishwashing – your foundation of success”. Because all these migrants people when they come here they have to survive so they engage themselves in any money earning opportunities. And dishwashing is on top of the table.

It just reminded how our lives started. I used to do dishes in an Asian restaurant and David did the same thing in Italian. We came across professionals who worked as dishwasher at some point in their lives. There will be millions of high flying professionals did dishes. Now a National operation manager in a multinational with more than 200 team members once got sack from dishwashing because he was too slow. Country head of a mining company did dishes in Italian Restaurant for 4 long years. I personally did dishes with a doctor with 10 years experiences, a management educated guy from an esteemed university with 15 years experiences. I am sure this is very common for overseas students and new migrants.

So don’t take dishwashing lightly. If you did it in your life you are half way there for success. On a serious note I learned respect and equality from my dishwashing journey. Especially coming from country like India where social hierarchy is prevalent, we all workers in that Asian Restaurant used to have dinner together in a same table including the owner and his wife. Whatever happens in life there is a purpose for it so this dishwashing journey in migrants lives I am sure an education which no one can get in any institution in the world.

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