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Monday, September 1, 2014

Think like a migrant, Act like a local

We are infonity.

Who are we: INFONITY is all about – Integrity | Nurture | Flexibility | Optimism | Network | Imagination | Transformation and most importantly YOU.

Our Vision: Our vision is to inspire and help people and businesses to understand and utilise their full potential.

Our Mission: Our mission is to help you to build your vision, extend your mission, enrich your values and enjoy leap in your business. We are committed to deliver outstanding work with disciplines, honestly, professionalism and right attitude.

If you think how migrants are aligned with this mission, vision. Let me take you a journey of how and why we are so fascinated about migration and migrants.

Plants and trees cannot shift themselves from their roots. Only storm, flood, cyclone, tsunami, disease or death can uproot them. Birds and animals can move from their roots. And, that is what is known in common parlance as migration. Amongst these creatures, humans have migrated the most on the surface of this planet (guesswork! of 2.5 to 3.0 million years). The history of mother Earth has maximum footprints of human migrants who have changed their locations in search of better opportunities and lesser threats. For our audience here we will talk about human migration.

People migrate under various circumstances. However, majority do for financial security, better living standards, political factor, education and marital reasons. The migratory journey is not a modern concept. This habit has prevailed since the pre-historic days.

Emigration is leaving one country to move to another (Myself left India and moved to new country Australia). Immigration is moving into a new country (Myself came to Australia from India). But MIGRATION is the movement of people from one place to another, it can be intra-country or inter- country. It takes three generations in the same place for your family to be ideally "local". We are talking about migration here which is the movement from home/origin place to a new land.

According to a joint contribution by UN-DESA and the OECD to the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Migration and Development, 3-4 October 2013, some 232 million (3.2% of the world’s population) international migrants are living in the world today. Since 1990, the number of international migrants in the global North increased by around 53 million (65%), while the migrant population in the global South grew by around 24 million (34%). Australia is a great country in that respect where the number of settlers are from more than 200 countries and they speak more than 250 languages. After New Zealand, Australia is the 2nd most mobile country in the world.

This journey is dedicated to all first generation migrants across the world. It will unfold their understanding of challenges, successes, failures, regrets, fulfilments in the new land and equip them better to deal with their confusions, invigorate their aspirations and revitalize their real journey for success and happiness.

My name is Goutam Basak, founder and managing director of infonity.

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